Netscape updates browser


Netscape has released version 8.0 of its internet browser. “What make it special?”, I hear you cry. Well, the new Netscape tries to get around site incompatibility with Firefox by allowing users to switch between both an Internet Explorer engine and a Mozilla Firefox one. The new version also features some new security features, such as a dynamically updated blacklist of dodgy websites, and built in anti-phishing safeguards.

Chris Cornwell
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  • I have scoured the Netscape 8.0 version and have yet to find the composer anymore.
    Am I blind or what?

  • I was a big fan of of Netscape browser, netscape was fun to use, untill the latest version 8 of the browser.Combining two different browsers into one may seem a good practice, but not for me. I will never upgrade to Netscape 8 because I only need one single browser not several.The tasteful surfing is now lost for good after implementing ubiquitous MSIE back to where it was on EVERY KNOWN PC SCREEN so the security would have been breached again and again and again.

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