MPIO's flash AV player with bonus hard disk

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Here’s an odd one. MPIO which has delivered some pretty impressive digital audio players in the past has unveiled a flash memory based AV personal device that is accompanied by its own dedicated hard disk. The MPIO One, which goes on sale in the UK at the end of the month, can function as a standalone unit playing back MP3/WMA audio files and displaying photos and videos on its 65k colour OLED screen.

However it can also be teamed up via USB with its own 20 Gigabyte hard disk. This gives the user the option of additional storage on the go as well as quick and easy transfer of tracks to the flash memory from the hard disk. They can also obviously take the flash/hard disk combi away with them and then ditch the hard disk when they get short on pocket space. The player also features an FM radio and voice recording facilities and is available in 256MB, 512MB and one gigabyte versions. No word on prices for either the players or the hard disk yet.

You’ll be able to get it here

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One thought on “MPIO's flash AV player with bonus hard disk

  • It would be cool if the hard disk could store the files and the flash player could act as a remote with screen when connected – like with thw cowon iaudio. I’m intrigued.

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