Is that GPS technology in your pants, or…oh. It is.


Technology takes another big brother-esque turn with the release of these new forget-me-not panties. Using technology only previously available to the military (a little morsel of information that somehow fails to provide comfort), these pants will allow the tracking of a loved one on GPS, and can monitor body temperature and heart rate. The basic panties will allow you to quell those paranoid fantasies for a mere $99, whereas the more advanced ones which monitor temperature and heart rate go for $179.99. Rather worryingly, the site has announced that they’ve sold out, and expect to restock within 30 days. Certainly a lot of, umm, security conscious people out there.

via The Register  Product Page

Update: Err, the Shiny Shiny girls just got in touch to tell us that we’ve been getting our knickers in a twist over nothing. These aren’t actually real – it was all just a big ploy to gain lots of coverage for a competition. Read all about it here.

Chris Cornwell
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