iChair – The spiritual home of the derriere

Home audio, Home cinema

Presenting possibly the greatest bachelor pad accessory since the La-Z-Boy, BoysStuff has revealed the latest in sedentary technology: the iChair. Infused with tactile sound technology, allegedly the stuff that is used in theme park rides and air-force simulators, the chair has speakers built around the head that couple with a transducer which turns low level sounds into vibrations – I think its time to re-watch the Star Wars trilogy. Not only that but it comes in stylish black suede finish.

The chair connects to any home cinema/stereo system that has a phono output and is also compatible with SCART. It is expected to be available from 21 May for the hefty price of £599. This chair is so cool that I’m even prepared to forgive the horrible ‘i’ prefix.


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