Google Mini search tool lands in UK


No, in spite of its name the Google Mini is not an attempt by the search engine company to branch out in to iPod-busting digital audio players. It is in fact a new hardware/software search system aimed at small and medium sized businesses in the UK.

The £2000 Mini is designed to enable companies to develop search engines which can trawl the deepest recesses of their own intranets and offer quick and easy searches on their own websites. The Mini system, which is based around a plug and play device that apparently integrates seamlessly into a company network, also allows companies to pull off cunning tricks like specify that certain pages are displayed when customers search their site for certain key words.

When used on company intranets the system is apparently compatible with over 200 different file formats. The system has been available to US customers for several months now. Needless to say Tech Digest has already sent Google begging letters and we should have a review of the Mini in the next few weeks.

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