European Treos on their way

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Shedloads of interesting stuff from palmOne this week. The big news is that the company has increased the number of staff in the UK with a view to ramping up its European operations. According to Marketing Manager for Northern Europe, Colin Holloway, this will mean dedicated Treos for the European market, and possibly even phones without smartphone features or keypads.

palmOne has also rather reluctantly given out a little bit more info on its Mobile Manager PDA series – see here for more. Last week Amazon inadvertently listed the first model in the series, the Life Drive, and the company says it will give full details of the device next week.

Apparently it not pitching the device as a media player, though obviously it can play back audio and video files, rather the Life Drive is a top-end PDA aimed at business users who want to cart round with them large file with them. palmOne insists that the units are not really laptop replacements, rather laptop accompaniments.

There’s more on palmOne’s plans in this feature from The Guardian. 

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