Apple issues recall


Apple has voluntarily issued a recall for 128,000 batteries in iBook and Powerbook models sold from October 2044 to May 2005. The recall is in response to an overheating problem, causing your Apple to overheat in case of circuitry failure (insert pun about Apple being hot property here). If you happen to be the proud owner of an Apple iBook in 12 inch standard, or Powerbook in 12 and 15 inch size, with batteries made by LG Chem, then you’re eligible for recall. Feel happy.

Chris Cornwell
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  • No wonder my ibook is always hot. still waiting for the replacement battery. the ibook has been stable so far and ive been quite happy with it.

  • Feel happy? Happy that they sold you a crappy product in the first place? Or happy that your house has not burned down yet?

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