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Looks like that James Bond fantasy is a little closer with help from Thanko Corporation’s new Analog MP3 watch with voice recorder. Released in Japan, the watch features a mîcrophone that can record monoaurally in 64kpbs, 16kHz audio. The recordings can be played through on the watch itself, which also functions as a flash MP3 player, and it comes with an adaptor for your standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

The watch connects to your machine using USB 1.1 and has an internal rechargeable battery to keep things ticking for 9 hours. The watch is available in three fruity flavours: 128MB for 12,800 yen, 256MB for 15,800 yen and 512Mb for 19,800 yen. Now if they could only release a laser and grappling hook USB watch, my life would be complete.

via TechJapan

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