Wireless LAN Mobile from Neonode

Mobile phones, Wi-Fi

Neonode has been making some very smart looking handsets
recently and announcement of new models with integrated Wi-Fi shows they’ve got
the best features too. In cooperation with Philips Semiconductors, Neonode has
been able to reduce power consumption and enable wireless networking in a Wi-Fi
hotspot. Though sparse on technical details, Neonode revealed some of the
benefits to be gained from a WLan enable mobile; cheap internet access at
faster rates than is available on 3G or WAP (11 Mbit per second, about 25 times
faster than current technology) and VoIP calls being the main highlights. When
the mobile leaves the Wi-Fi zone, ordinary GSM will take over once again.

Neonode founder, Thomas Eriksson says “The WLAN expansion
takes place everywhere in an explosive speed and offers real broadband to a
small expense, which often already is covered by the user’s fixed broadband
subscription!” Details of price and availability are expected later in the year.

Neonode via I4U

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