Toyota's in car karaoke system


Toyota Motor Corporation has announced a new wireless system
in its next generation of cars, which has several rather cool facilties. The G-Book Alpha does small
important stuff, like warning you when you’ve left the car doors open via text
message and calling an ambulance after an accident if you don’t respond to voice
prompts. But most importantly, the system offers over 10,000 karaoke songs to
sing to. Apparently Toyota has decided that the only thing to ease an eight
hour journey for the driver is a car full of people singing Do You Know The Way to San Jose? –  badly. The service
isn’t free, of course, songs costing between $0.90 and $2.60 to buy or $0.30 to
$0.90 to buy for the day. The karaoke service also costs $6.50 a month. The system
will be free the first year, then $110 every year after that. No news on a Uk launch?

Chris Cornwell
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