Tosh's gigabeat coming in June

MP3 players

Serious rivals to the iPod are coming on a monthly basis at the moment. Latest out of the traps is Toshiba’s gigabeat range of hard disk based personal audio players which are slated to arrive in the UK in June. The models, which will be available in 10, 20, 40 and 60 Gigabyte versions, all sport a 2.2inch colour screen and boast battery life of a pretty reasoanble sixteen hours. Prices range from £200 for the 10 Gigabyte model to £300 for the 60 Gigabyte version. They playback MP3 and WMA files and are probably the sexiest hard disk player so far that is compatible with the Napster To Go service which enables users to fill the player with music if they pay a monthly subscription. The top-end 40 and 60 Gigabyte models come with a remote control which is incorporated into their accompanying earphones.

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