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It has been a turbulent few months since the announcement of a partnership between HP and Apple, with the HP-branded iPods emerging shortly before the new colour display models were announced. Dubbed the "Apple iPod from HP", sales were limited (presumably even the catchy title didn’t stop people buying direct from Apple), then the iPod Photo appeared anyway. Now, however, HP has announced two new iPod models, equipped with the high resolution colour display and available in 30GB and 60GB.

That sounds great – bet you can’t wait to get your hands on the new HP device (nicknamed the hPod), but what difference is there between it and the Apple iPod Photo? Um, well, here it is "Consumers can also upload their own photos and images to print as Tattoos at home. The ultra-thin HP Printable Tattoos are easy to apply and remove from the player’s exterior. Durable and water-resistant, they help to protect from scratches while adding a touch of personal style." Now that’s surely clinched the deal (but it’ll set you back a further $14.99).

The new displays allow you to view digital photos on the personal audio player, up to 25,000  can be stored on the device as well around 7,500 songs on the 30GB and 15,000 on the 60GB. There is even an optional audio-visual cable accessory to share slideshows TVs and projectors. Enhanced battery life allows for 5 hours of slideshows or 15 hours of listening to your music. 

The Apple iPod from HP is available now at $349 for the 30GB version and $449 for the 60GB. The iPod photo is available from the Apple Store for the same prices; perhaps there is a secluded race of people, obsessed by iPods and only accessible by HP’s "extensive distribution network" who will really benefit from this arrangement.

HP via PhotographyBlog

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