Splinter Cell: Fact or Fiction?


The latest installment of the Splinter Cell series, dubbed Chaos Theory will no doubt have been entertaining loads of gameheads over the last few weeks. The plot features superspy Sam Fisher sneaking around trying to counter a crippling cyber-attack on the US. But according to former chair of  Metropolitan Police, Lord Toby Harris, this high tech scenario is – worryingly- plausible. At a conference in London, Lord Harris claimed that a cyber-terrorist could hack into banking and financial systems, government and public services, as well as communication and police networks. “The threat could come from teenage hackers with no more motivation than proving that it could be done” said Lord Harris. “But even more seriously it could come from cyber-terrorists intent on bringing about the downfall of our society”. This leads me to wonder what other game scenarios could become reality for us all over the next few years: good for players of Playboy Mansion, not so good for Doom 3 fanatics.

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Chris Cornwell
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