Sony to being premium Qualia range to UK

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The other big story from Sonys Bordeaux press junket is that the company is to bring its premium Qualia range to the UK, and indeed the whole of Europe. The high-end series of devices, which includes a tiny digital camera and a gold/silver-plated MiniDisc personal, initially went on sale in Japan in late 2003, and in the US in 2004. We are very impressed by the first product to be released in the UK which will be the Qualia 004, a high definition home cinema projector scheduled for next month. The pictures it delivers are astonishing, it is just a shame youll have to pay a premium price of around 20,000 quid to own one. Also coming is the Qualia 005, a HDTV-compatible LCD TV with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, which will be released in the autumn.

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