Sony T2-series Laptops


Sony unleashes its new series of
elegant “mobile office and personal entertainment systems” in a stylish silver
design. Powered by the new Pentium-M Ultra Low Voltage (ULV), the 1.2Ghz
processor is now capable of up to 7 hours run time. This device has added
features for those of us who acknowledge that laptops also make exceedingly
useful DVD players on long journeys; the 10.6″ widescreen, comes with Sony’s
X-Black LCD technology and anti-reflective layer on board which will ensure the
quality is at its peak. Sony has even included quick buttons for speedy media

As for
functionality, the T2-series comes with 802.11b/g wireless networking and
Bluetooth intergrated, as well as a DVD-RW drive. The compact design reduces
the weight to just 1.38kg making this an easily portable device. The retail
price is yet to be announced, but should become clear as the T2-series launch
in the near future.

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