Philips gears up to launch RC9800i über-remote

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Unless you’ve bought a complete matching set of audio and home cinema devices, you’re probably up to your ears in TV remotes that are only needed once they’ve secreted themselves beneath the sofa cushions. Due for imminent release in the US,
the Philips
RC9800i is a remote that will solve that problem and then some. Sporting a 3.5 inch colour touchscreen and dimensions of 149
x 101 x 24mm, this monster remote can communicate with nearly everything you
can think of using both standard infrared and Wi-Fi.

of generating over 1100 infrared codes and able to learn straight from the
original, there is no handset that cannot be assimilated by the RC9800i. It will also generate macros, allowing multiple actions from one button
press. The Wi-Fi feature enables file browsing on any networked computer using
the PnP networking protocol. There is also an MP3 streaming function, allowing you
to play digital music from a home computer on a Hi-Fi by plugging the remote’s
charging cradle into it with a separate audio cable.

RC9800i is able to connect to Philips’ Internet Electronic Program Guide, so
that you can browse TV listings without the hassle of even raising your eyes to
the telly. Unfortunately this incredible device will be limited to only the
most decadent kings of the couch with a retail price set for £399. UK release
is expected in May.

Philips  via  T3

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  • I bought my Philips RC9800i recently, after christmas, it is a great piece of kit this is my first Pronto

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