Panasonic announces Freeview PVR box

Digital set-top boxes

Panasonic has announced the upcoming release of their its Freeview PVR box. The TU-CTH100 comes with an 80GB integrated hard drive, which you can use to record all those episodes of Joey that you’d otherwise miss. It features dual tuners so you can watch one channel and record another and can store up to 45 hours of footage on the hard drive (that’s about two and a half series of twenty-four. It comes with an apparently intuitive interface for the channel guide (which has information about programmes up to one week in advance) and the hard drive, allowing you to quickly access to what you’ve recorded.

The box will also allow you to seamlessly switch from playback to live recording, meaning that you can start watching the first part something that you’re recording: useful if you walk in ten minutes late for Trisha, for example. The box also allows you to watch two channels simultaneously.
Panasonic has said the release of the TU-CTH100 is coming “soon” and the box is expected to retail for £280.

Chris Cornwell
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