palmOne releases the E2, stateside.


For you PDA fiends out there, PalmOne recently announced the release of the Tungsten E2 on its US website. While PalmOne make reliable PDAs, the lack of features on this particular model might put off diehard tech-geeks: it features only 32MB of onboard memory (although this can be upgraded by using either a SD, SDIO or MultiMediaCard); has no Wi-Fi or camera, and looks suspiciously similar to its predecessors. Hmm.

On the upside, the E2 does feature a 320×320 colour display, speakers, an infrared port (of course), Bluetooth, and it will allow you to view photos, movie clips and listen to music (although to do this seriously you will need an extra memory card). On a more practical note, PalmOne claims that the battery life has been increased significantly, and it costs a reasonable $249. For those looking for a PDA that’s less flashy, but works well for keeping organised, this might well be worth a look.

Chris Cornwell
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