Nintendo "Revolution" rumours spiral out of control


Sister-Blog Games Digest sums up the wealth of speculation surrounding the mysterious new console from Nintendo: are at it again. Call it halfway between rumour-mongering and investigative journalism, but seeing as it’s fun, we’ll join in… Games site has grabbed some copy off Brooke Burgess’ website regarding industry speculation on Nintendo’s next console, currently codenamed "Revolution". Burgess is creator of an online anime comic, and has been in discussion with both film companies and games companies about adaptations of the comic, Broken Saints.

Burgess’ website musing, posted on, lists several things he’s heard the "Revolution" will contain, to whit:

Gyroscopic control – In other words tilt the controller.

Touch-screen – Like the DS, but in the Revolution controller. This could make the controller a "proprietary PDA device". Not so wacky an idea, when you consider Nintendo have partnered with Palm for its PDA software recently.

Wireless – Widely expected, but Burgess believes this will go beyond simply wireless controllers, to being able to hook up, presumably via Wi-Fi, DS handheld consoles, multiple Revolutions and Revolution controllers.

3D Image Projection – The wildest, woolliest and wackiest of Burgess’ predictions. Burgess puts together online reports of a Nintendo 3D imaging patent, an off-the-cuff quote from a 3D film director saying there was "a game machine beating them to the mainstream" and a supposed showing of a 3D add-on for the GameCube, shown behind closed doors at last year’s E3 to predict that the Revolution will feature a 3D holographic-style display.

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