Motorola iTunes phone not taking off in US

Mobile phones

Looks like it might be tough times for Apple‘s music download service: first they get the DRMS protection system hacked by pymusique, and now it looks like several US mobile phone carriers have opted not to support Apple and Motorola’s iTunes phone. According to The Register, it seems that iTunes is being passed over by major US carriers  for a number of reasons: mobile phone carriers might want to sell directly to mobile phone handsets, whereas the Motorola iTunes phone worked by copying songs bought on a PC.

There is also pricing (iTunes are already under pressure to increase the price of their tracks, and downloading songs on your mobile phone already costs several times more than downloading it off iTunes), and the fact that many carriers don’t think that a large music library can be navigated easily on many phone handsets. The bad news for iTunes music store fans is that we can expect to see a similar situation in the UK, as most major UK mobile phone carriers already operate their own download service.

Chris Cornwell
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