MediaBank HS-R


If you are a small organisation looking for a safe secure way to back up data, chances are you won’t want to cough up for a team of IT staff to do it for you. Instead, how about the Miglia MediaBank HS-R, a storage and backup solution for small businesses. The new version now supports the high-speed FireWire 800 connection. Data is automatically written to two hard drives simultaneously which insures against total loss of data should one drive do what computer components do best and die when you least expect it. Also each hard drive can be easily removed and replaced if need be. Optional mirroring keeps software conflicts to a minimum and maintains automatic data backup. There is even a slot for an extra drive so that you have the option of expanding capacity. Further improvements include a beefed up power supply to meet the demands of modern hard disc drives. The MediaBank HS-R is available now for £299 excluding VAT.

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