LG's Value Plasma telly


With all the HDTV ready TVs floating about, its nice to see that there will still be good quality TVs available to those of us who aren’t going to leap on Sky’s bandwagon straight away. The 42" 42PX4RV monster may be aimed at beginner plasma users but it is still packed full of goodies and capable of 10,000:1 contrast ratio and 1,500cd brightness. Features include the XD Engine and the ‘Film Filter’, a system that  improves the contrast and image quality, eliminates glare and double images and also reduces the weight – handy if you’ve ever tried moving a plasma screen.

The ‘New XD-Engine chip’ should prove that the 42PX4RV is a cut above its competitors as it serves to convert ordinary low-res analogue signals into high definition pictures and also improves edge quality and reduce noise. Ok, it probably won’t be quite as good as real HDTV but is certainly a practical and viable alternative sure to appeal to anyone not wholly sold on Sky’s system. 

Other functions such as SRS Trusurround, Picture In Picture and Picture Out Picture as well as a selection of inputs including HDMI ensure that the 42PX4RV is up to standard. It is aimed at drawing more customers to the joy of massive plasma TVs and will "follow the market price of VGA Plasma TVs"; in other words it will be very expensive, but hopefully it will meet LG’s goal to provide the best value for the cost.


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