High-end speakers for the iPod

MP3 players

Up to now, the majority of speaker system designed for
use with a personal audio player, or if we are being a tad cynical, err iPod, have been small, low-tech and achieve
little in terms of quality (although some
. However, French
manufacturer Focal has some changes in store.

This week it has unveiled the iCub (ah,
such original branding), which promises to turn the traditional role of
hi-fi systems around. The iCub promises detailed, 400watt sound which is supplemented by a specially designed Cub 2
subwoofer. It also has its own remote control and can connect to any MP3, digital
audio, CD or DVD audio system. Like traditional
hi-fi system, the iCub has a selection of inputs including Optical, RCA and
3.5mm mini-jack. It is available now for £450.

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