US PSP launch, European delay?


It’s already part of Japan’s scenery. And last night Sony’s PSP started the North American leg of its global domination campaign with hordes of desperate fans braving sleep deprivation and hypothermia in blizzard conditions to be among the first owners of the must-have handheld (thanks to Engadget for the snowy pic from the launch).
But what’s great news for American gamers ain’t so good for enthusiasts this side of the pond. The UK launch date has already been put back. And with the 1 million handheld consoles earmarked for the US expected to sell out within the first day, there’s now fresh doubts as to whether Sony will be able to manufacture enough units to ship to Europe.

The US launch was an exhilarating affair with thousands of fans queuing, braving icy weather and arriving as much as 13 hours before the event, desperate to get their hands on Sony’s "convergent portable entertainment device". And desperate they should be, because in the near future PSPs might be few and far between.

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