TV in your taxi


What’s going on in the world eh? First there’s talk of black cabs being different colours. Now it’s just been annnounced that from the end of March you will be able to watch TV in the back and not have to listen to inane banter from the driver about the state of the economy. Cabvision is adding 1000 12inch LCD TV screens to London cabs which will enable you to watch channels like CNBC News and old BBC comedy classics while you’re riding around. It will also be possible to listen to DAB radio.

Rather cleverly, and perhaps a little scarily, the system employs mobile phone company O2’s GPRS technology so that advertisers know how many people are watching/listening at any one time and presumably whereabouts they are too.

With around 1.4 million individuals per month in the back of TV-equipped cabs it’s expected to be quite a lucrative market for advertising, especially as many of the punters are are notoriously hard to reach ABC1 folk.

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One thought on “TV in your taxi

  • To get away from the intensely irritating London Cabvision, I ask for Cabvision sound and screen to be turned of immediately. If refused I get out of a Cabvision cab and seek another without Cabvision if I have time; or complain, request a fare discount, and leave no tip. I find the Cabvision screen, even without sound, intensely distracting — a real problem when trying to plan for a meeting I am going to.

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