Toto and Daiwa House's Intelligence Toilet


Toilet humour, anyone? If you’re a die-hard technophile, you may have your Bluetoothed networked mobile phone and your fancy USB kettle, but we would be willing to bet that you don’t yet have Toto and Daiwa House’s Intelligence Toilet. Although "freaky, 2001-style artificial intelligence bathroom" would probably more apt; the room comes with a blood pressure cuff, a set of scales and a body fat meter which you grip while weighing yourself on the scales. Before you ask, this advice does also take the piss and then analyze it with a built-in urine analyzer. The data will be saved to the toilet and then transferred to the PC. Where it will then, in give you dietary advice(what could be more natural than that?). And all for a mere Y380,000-Y560,000 ($3,550-$5,230).


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