Sony PSP eBaywatch


Just five days to go before its official US launch and the Sony PSP handheld games console is still pretty hot eBay property. Demand is apparently so high for the gadget that it is virtually unobtainable in Japan and isn’t now debuting in Europe until the summer.

The current going rate of a US version with Spiderman 2 game is around $300.

If, as expected Sony sells out its shipment of one million units quickly this could rocket with prices further inflated by European gamers eager to grab a PSP before its official launch on their side of the Atlantic.

We are expecting a re run of the Apple iPod mini eBay saga where large numbers of the players were sold by Americans to Europeans way in advance of its official worldwide launch. The current UK price for either a modded Japanese PSP, or an official UK version of the console, though where these come from is anyone’s guess, is around £180.

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