Sony Hi-MD PHOTO Walkman announced

Mobile phones

Well, here’s a nice surprise for a wet Wednesday morning. Sony’s announced the Hi-MD Walkman, a player that comes with a built in 1.3-megapixel digital camera and support for it’s new "Hi-MD PHOTO" standard. Hi-MD is a new format that supports up to 1GB’s worth of digital music (and images now as well presumably).

As well as support for music playback, the MZ-DH10P Walkman includes a 1.5-inch colour LCD for viewing album art or photos you’ve shot. There’s a dedicated shutter release button for operating the camera. Open the lens protector and the player switches to camera mode, shut it and the Hi-MD reverts to music playback. It should be out in Japan on 10th March and is priced pretty high at around 53,000 yen. Available colours will be black, silver or red.


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