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As well as the W800 Walkman phone, Sony Ericsson also announced 3 other new handsets to add to its lineup. First up, the K750. Like the W800 it’s a 2-megapixel cameraphone that’s designed to appeal to those wanting top notch pics from their mobile. There’s 32MB of internal memory as well as a Sony Memory Stick Duo slot for expansion up to 2GB (a 64MB card comes supplied). There’s also an FM radio, MP3 player and Bluetooth.

Meanwhile, for the less demanding user, Sony Ericsson has come up with a fashion handset in the curvy form of the J300. This is described as the company’s "fun phone" which basically means it comes in pink as well as the standard colours. You can also do the usual fascia swapping and personalising courtesy of the Style-up covers. Words such as "zany" and "hot" were bandied about by the marketing people and while the J300 isn’t feature rich (no camera, no Bluetooth), it does offer the tempting promise of Rayman 3 for free.

Finally, the K300 is a mass market entry level handset. While it’s described as a cameraphone, the sensor is just the standard VGA resolution. There’s 12MB of internal memory and, like the J300, that’s about it for features.

Sony Ericsson also took this opportunity to announce some new accessories. Two new Bluetooth headsets – the smaller Akono HBH-608 and the slighter larger Akono HBH-662 with LCD caller displyer – and a plug in Flash were on show. The flash has been designed for the W800 and the K750 handsets and while both handsets already have flashlights, this one provides a more blinding light. The Bluetooth media Centre MMV-200 connects your mobiles to your television or Hi-Fi, allowing you to transfer music, images and other content to and from the handset.

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