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Designed for runners, the Runster is a music device that Siemens is talking about making in the future. Music is selected and programmed to keep the beat with your running pace, while training programs and ‘Voice Coach’ functions keep an eye on training profiles, providing feedback on your performance. Not entirely sure if you’re supposed to plug this into something else, or just pop in some headphones, but I’m assuming it’s something you hook up to your mobile since it’s Siemens.


[Update: Gizmodo has more about it – sounds like that unit pictured above is a clip on belt sensor that controls the tempo of music playing on your mobile via Bluetooth]
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One thought on “Siemens Runster

  • From what my people understand, as mentioned in Gizmondo, the device actually speeds up and slows down the BPM of the track being played. Try doing that without altering the pitch of the singer’s voice. It sounds ridiculous…like the singer took a shot of helium. Siemen’s should call us. We’ve already built one that works and have been researching in the performance and health areas for years.

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