Samsung SCH-V600

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Samsung has announced the SCH-V600, launching shortly in Korea but with no word yet on a US or European release date. The V600 is an updated version of the clamshell V5009 (not the candybar swivel screen Z130 as seen at CeBIT), which featured a twistable screen for viewing video. This breakthrough is considerably more efficient than simply rotating the handset by 90 degrees, which can lead to severe wrist injuries. Sarcasm aside, this allows the SCH-V600 to retain a compact design (92.5×48.7×29.3mm) and allows video files (which are normally wider than they are tall) to be navigated to and viewed easily. The phone also comes with two games that use the widescreen display and a 1.3 megapixel camera. It supports MPEG4 format videos and MP3 audio.


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