microsoft's voice command for PDAs


Window’s Mobile Pocket PC users in the UK can now control their PDAs using microsoft’s Voice Command software. The application, which has been available in the US for a while now, has been launched in the UK. This follows a number of tweaks that now enable it to recognise and understand the many regional accents and dialects from around Britain. Handsfree calling lets you make and take calls and the app will let you know who’s ringing you. You can ask your smartphone questions such as "what calls did I miss?".  You can get it to look up appointments in your diary and fill you in one what you’ve got to do that day. You can pick songs to play on Windows Media Player and start tunes with spoken instructions. And you can start up any program and get information on battery level and time all by talking to your digital assistant. There’s no pre-recording to do and the sofware doesn’t need to "learn" any specific speech traits. It’ll cost you £20 from Handango.


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