iPod Swimwear

MP3 players

If you like to have a musical accompaniment for everything you do in life, this waterproof overcoat for your iPod should appeal. Made by a company called, fittingly, H2O Audio, this SV imini Waterproof iPod mini case should protect your music player down to 3m (10ft). The company has a number of products on the site, including waterproof suits for the 3G and 4G iPods and the iRiver i700. This mini version is available on pre-order for $149.95 (out 25th March). This seems fairly pricey to us, but waterproof cases usually are, and you get a waterproof headset with silicone earplugs included in the pack. Neoprene armbands to attach it to your swimmer’s arms can be bought seperately.


[Update: SurferMag has a review if you’re curious]
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