Gotive H41 Ruggedised PDA


They may be entirely irrelevant to the majority of people, but there’s something inherently appealing about ruggedised gadgets nonetheless. Maybe it’s the bright colours, or the rubbery exteriors, or maybe it’s just the promise that you can bash them about with no recriminations. Whatever it is, we’re feeling enthusiastic about Gotive’s H41 ruggedised PDA. As well as the GSM/GPRS data and voice capabilities, the H41 comes with a GPS function and a Bar Code Reader (again, something we’d never need yet somehow hanker after). There’s also an MMC and CF card slot for adding memory or extra features like WiFi.

A large onscreen keyboard and a screen that works in either portrait or landscape orientation should make this easy for ham fisted outdoor types or warehouse workers to use – as should the easy grip rubber edging. It’s weather and drop resistant and the connectors are described as "unbreakable" which is asking for trouble, surely. It runs on the WinCE NET OS and includes all the usual PIM software as well as Pocket Word and all those other apps. It’s pricey though – £990 excluding VAT.


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