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As mobile phone accessories go it’s a pretty unusual one. The WebRacer is a dedicated web surfing device that you can hook up to your mobile via Bluetooth, using its GPRS access to get online. The idea is that for those who want to browse the web when they’re out and about, but don’t want to suffer the smaller screens of a mobile phone, this is a kit to do it on. And, if a laptop’s too large and bulky for your needs, this presents a happy comprimise, with a full VGA-width, 640-pixel, color display that lets you view unsquidged webpages. The only fiddling that goes on is to the file size of the images on sites, reducing them for faster upload times. Apparently, pages take just 5 to 7 seconds to open.

The WebRacer also gives you the benefit of its decent sized keyboard and, at just 15mm thick, it’s a pretty portable design. There may not be a huge market for a device like this, but I’d definitely be able to put it to good use. Stick a basic word processing feature on there as well and I’d be more than happy. Only slight quibble: isn’t it the wrong way round? With such a big thick lid, and such a skinny keypad, it looks like it’s going to topple over. Previewing at CeBIT now. It will cost around €167


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