CeBIT: VoIP DECT phones to go mass market


Just like at 3GSM, the big story at CeBIT is the arrival of VoIP phones aimed at the mass market. One of the most impressive VoIP offerings is from Inventel which paraded a DECT gateway that will enable users to make cheap or free phone calls away from their PC on a traditional wireless style phone. Apparently up to five users can make calls at the same time. Siemens and RTX currently offer DECT phones compatible with the Skype VoIP service, but Inventel claims it will take the service to the mass market using ISPs.

The system will also offer wireless Internet access, email delivery notification on their handsets, and printer server applications. The company says the gateway will be ready for delivery to ISPs and other interested parties in a couple of months. Interestingly it has teamed up with BT in the UK. More here

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