CeBIT: Video recorder you can program via your mobile

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Sky might have been threatening to do it for ages but it looks like Kiss Technology has become the first manufacturer to offer a hard disk video recorder that can be programmed remotely over the internet or via a mobile phone.

The DP-558, which also features an integrated DVD recorder, uses an internet-controlled Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) that can be accessed via a specially set up web page. The recorder also boasts an integrated TV tuner, is available with either an 80 or 200 Gigabyte hard disk and features a Timeshift function that enables users to pause live and rewind live television.

It can also be factored into a wireless network with users able to access audio, image and video files stored on their PC or Mac on their TV. There’s no word yet on prices or launch dates. More here

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One thought on “CeBIT: Video recorder you can program via your mobile

  • According to the manufacturer’s website, it’s not wireless compatible. There’s a brochure available online which shows ethernet ticked, but not wireless.
    Also I couldn’t find a mention of updates via a mobile, only via a webpage.

    have emailed the copany to find out further details.

    do you or any of your readers know of a way it could be patched into a wireless network?

    for example, could you use ethernet from the KiSS box to a wireless audio bridge (squeezebox, or new apple router), which would then connect wireless to a pc/mac?

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