CeBIT: Logitech Harmony HDTV remote


High definition televisons look set to be a popular product for peripheral designers. Logitech’s the first to come up with a universal remote designed especially for them, creating something that’s supposed to make it all a bit less complicated to use. The Harmony 885 comes with a large colour display and enhanced navigation designed for use with both HDTVs and hard drive recorders. If you don’t want to have to fiddle about with your TV’s settings every time you switch from one function to another, this should make it all a little easier. Press a button and Logitech’s Smart State Technology will take care of the rest – switching on the relevant boxes and initiating the various settings. It’ll be out in the US in April and Europe in May. Suggested retail price is currently £180. So your remote could well cost more than your PVR. Which seems wrong somehow.


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