Bluetooth Wine Scanner


Ever felt you’ve just got so much wine you can’t keep track of it all? Not a problem that faces many of us, however much we’d like it to. If however you do feel intimidated by the sheer volume of high priced booze in your cellar, then the Intelliscanner Wine Collector provides a wireless solution via Bluetooth. By linking up to an internet database of barcodes, the Intelliscanner will provide all the important information a wine buff might need, such as the name, region, winery, variety, type, age, and colour (although if you didn’t already know that…) Perhaps the $279 it costs for the Bluetooth version would be better spent buying even more wine and all other information could be garnered by, oh say, drinking the stuff; although there is a wired compromise which costs a lot less at $179

Read [via Blueserker]

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