VoIP goes mainstream


Despite the lure of free phone calls, VoIP has yet to really capture the imagaination of the British public. Maybe because it’s got such a dreary, techy sounding name and everyone shuts down as soon as it’s mentioned. But now that gadget e-tailer, Firebox, has picked up the technology, there’s every chance that it will actually enter the mainstream in 2005. The company has got its own branded handset on sale. The Firebox VoIP CyberPhone comes bundled with Skype’s VoIP software, which means you can get the handset making free phone calls over the internet in no time. Obviously, the "free" side of the calling relies on the other person having VoIP as well, but even if they don’t, Skype offers some pretty reasonable deals on calls to landlines and mobiles – both in the UK and abroad. Cost of landline and mobile calls start at around 1.2p a minute and you can buy SkypeOut credit on the Skype site.

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