Two new Siemens handsets: A75, AX75


Siemens’ two latest entry level handsets are a bit of a change from some of the company’s more male-friendly handsets of yore. Not that they’re especially feminine either, but they look more like phones that would appeal equally to either gender. The A75 (left) is the more budget friendly of the two (although no prices have been confirmed yet). There aren’t any special features to speak of, but it’s available in two colours – Atlantic Blue and Polar Silver. In fact, if anything, its lack of features – no camera, only 4K colour screen – are what makes it stand out. Ideal for parents and people who just want a phone that makes calls. The AX75, meanwhile, is a top end entry level handset (if there is such a thing). It boasts a whole 65K colours, and synchronisation with Outlook/Lotus notes via data cable (like the A75, there’s no Bluetooth). The A Series handsets go on sale in the late spring.

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