Turn your tape deck into an MP3 player

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OK, so the idea isn’t a novel one – there’s numerous companies making casettes that let you plug your music players into your car stereo – but the Mobiblu is the one of the few tapes with its own memory storage facility. This means you can stick it into your car tape deck – or even your old Walkman if you’re still using it – and play MP3s. The casette player has 256MB of memory, along with an MMC memory slot for adding extra storage, and tracks can be loaded onto it via the mini USB connection. The Mobiblu also comes with an FM radio and you can control the player using the tape deck’s buttons, fast fowarding and rewinding through tracks – something that you don’t get with normal casette adapters. A very thorough review can be had at DansData.

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One thought on “Turn your tape deck into an MP3 player

  • Players like these have been around for yonks! I bought a 256MB DualPlay (essentially the same functionality) from firebox.com in late 2001…! Admittedly it did cost me a lot more back then tho 😉

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