Tesela launches Maxent Plasma range


Tesela, the EMEA screen manufacturer, has announced its entry to the UK market. The company is launched the Maxent range – a line of high quality wide-screen plasmas. The first Maxent Plasma Display Panel (PDP) is the 42-inch MX-42LE7 widescreen model, aimed at those who like unfussy design. At least that’s what the blurb says. It’s probably more accurate to say it’s for people who don’t like any design at all, since it’s just a metal frame. Same as pretty much all the other ones, then. As well as SCART connections, the MX-42LE7 also supports DVI, the Component Video interface, S-video and RGB interfaces. Pricing is about right for the market, with this initial panel entering with an RRP of £2105. It’ll be out in March. The company website, here, is still under construction.

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  • Check out the reviews on http://www.dabs.com!
    Excellent! I have one and it’s the dogs proverbials. Although not HDTV ready, it’s the best velue for money at the moment.
    Want a 42″ plasma for under a grand ? Look no further!

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