Sony planning another stab at the "iPod Killer"

MP3 players

A report on the Register suggests that Sony’s set to try again with the grabbing of Apple’s pie, plotting the launch of a portable music player to end all iPods. The company’s president, Kunitake Ando, said that the new player, planned for the end of this year, will be "much more competitive than the iPod". Saddened by the loss of the top slot, Sony is hoping that an agressive plan will enough to win back its number one position. The key to Sony’s success is simple: make a music player that’s as easy to use as the iPod and it can beat Apple. This means developing new software that makes Sony’s Walkman products more straightforward to use (preferably so that the app doesn’t keep making my laptop cry, thanks Sony). The company has already gone some way to seeing the error of its ways by adding native MP3 support to its players on top of its own ATRAC format. Now it’s planning on doing the same for its MiniDisc players, apparently. Speculation that Sony might one day buy up Apple has been one of life’s constants over the years, but Ando attempted to put those rumours to bed, saying that Apple is now just too expensive to acquire.


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