Siemens Sk65 arrives in the UK

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Siemens got us up bright and early for a breakfast launch of their latest handset today (and also to assure us that the company is still fighting fit). The SK65 was previewed a while ago, but the handset was officially launched today, allowing us to get our hands on one. The phone is being launched with all 4 major phone networks with the main focus being on business users. Aside from the phone’s obvious main feature – the cross to type swivelling QWERTY keypad – the SK65’s major attraction is set to be the full BlackBerry support it offers. As well as the prosumer version, which doesn’t rely on a corporate server to work with, Siemens is also offering the normal version using the company’s very own BlackBerry Enterprise server. This is the first time a handset’s had full BlackBerry capabilities in the UK (aside from the actual RIM handsets, of course) and Siemens is expecting this to be the big selling point for corporate users. There’s no camera (again, this is something corporate types have apparently requested) but there’s Bluetooth and a 65K colour screen with room for 11 lines of text. Initial impressions of the handset are pretty good, with a reasonably slimline chassis (though it’s long!) and an innovative keyboard that looks like it might actually work.

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