Sanyo's messaging device

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This WiPOQ messaging gadget is on display at 3GSM at the moment. The Sanyo device is based on IXI Mobile’s operating system, IXI-Connect, and has been designed to connect to a Bluetooth phone to send emails and messages – and nothing else. A range of handhelds are expected, with the first device scheduled for launch in Q2 2005 (which we’re guessing means in the Far East, not here). The first unit will have a Java browser, large screen and a QWERTY keypad. The idea seems to be that if you don’t want to carry a messenger device such as Blackberry or Sidekick, you can simply connect this to your phone as and when you need it. The IXI-Connect OS comes with PMG (Personal Mobile Gateway) technology. This means that you can use your mobile to connect all sorts of different companion devices to the internet, such as watches, cameras or MP3 players. Sanyo seems to be keeping the WiPOQs as glorified keyboards, however.

Press release [via Newswireless]

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