Philips' delivers super shuffle to MP3 players

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Philips is to launch a pair of small capacity hard disk players later in the year both of which boast an innovative feature.

The HDD095 and HDD093 are small models with a 3 Gigabyte hard disk, ten hours of battery life and MP3 and WMA playback. The only difference is that the 095 features a colour screen. They both however boast a cool feature called Like Music. If you press the Like Music button when a track is playing the software scans the tracks on your hard disk to find other music in the same vein.

Apparently it uses 40 different criteria to compile a playlist of 20 tracks taking into account the music’s tempo, the instruments on it and its beat. There was no working demo of the software, but Philips claims it is smart enough to ensure you don’t just get a load of tracks by the same artists. The players will debut in late summer for under £200.

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