Nokia's 9300 goes on sale

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Nokia’s latest Communicator has just gone on sale in the UK. The 9300 (they seem to have done away with the old Communicator moniker) is the company’s business smartphone based, as always, around a Symbian operating system (Nokia owns the majority share in the platform). Previous communicator devices have been renowned for their brick-like qualities, but while the 9300 uses the same design, this one is a lot less brickish in its dimensions and weight. For those that still hanker after the Psions of yester-year, this is pretty much the only solution you’ve got, with a fold-out design that reveals a mini qwerty keypad and screen. As well as the usual PIM functionality, there’s Bluetooth, 80 MB of memory and an MMC slot. Email solutions supported include: BlackBerry Connect, Visto, Smartner, Good Technologies, IBM Websphere and Oracle Collaboration Suite.

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