Motorola's V3 going candybar

Mobile phones

Engadget has a great little scoop up today about Motorola’s plans to launch a candybar version of the V3 Razr phone. There’s some sneaky peek of a selection of new next-gen handsets, including the "Royal Blade" candybar RAZR. There’s also the PEBL V6, a clamshell handset that’s rounded like, well, a pebble. A 3G smartphone called the A1010 is also on the cards, as is a 3G multimedia handset with a 1.3-megapixel handset. Check out the site for some (sadly pretty ropey) screenshots. (The Italian site that put the pics up initially doesn’t seem to have them up anymore. We’re guessing they got a telling off from the people at Moto.)


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