Keyring breathalyser


Saab is currently developing a tiny breathalyser that will come integrated into a car key ring. The keyring will start working once the car open button is pressed. Drivers will have to blow into the mouth piece to get the car started, and if the breathalyser senses too much booze on your breath, you won’t be able to start up the engine. Presumably determined drink drivers will be able to coax a passing child into providng their clean breath (unless they’ve been on the alchopops, of course) thereby avoiding the problem just like modern-day Withnails. However, it’s a great idea, and should give more conscientious members of the public pause for thought. Currently, Saab’s Alcokey is in prototype stage and not yet integrated into the actual key, but it’s already on trial over in Sweden.

Read [via I4U]

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